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Otago Capture Administration Events


In some situations there may be a requirement to create an Otago Capture Section that does not align with an official paper or the official paper you are creating a section for does not have an official entry in the central timetable system (Syllabus Plus).


Creating an Event on Otago Capture Administration

  1.  Log in to Otago Capture Administration –
  2. Click Request Recordings button 
  3. Click Request Recordings for Event 
  4. Provide an Event Code and Name. We also need a Campus and Year. Event sections do not have term or end dates. 
  5. Once you have Saved the event you will be able to provide a Schedule information as well as staff access. You cannot proceed without assigning an owner to the section, but do not need to include schedules for your section.
  6. After you’ve provided the required information, the event will go into a pending state to be approved. You will receive an email once the section has been approved. 


Creating Schedules


  • Start and End times in HH:MM format
  • The room you are recording in
  • The Product Group 
  • The date, or date range

You can add more schedules if you need to.

Here’s an example of an Event Schedule:


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