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YouTube Embedding

What is YouTube Embedding?

Media embedding is the term used to directly add a video or audio file into a webpage. Otago Blogs (and Podcasts) now allow you to do this with YouTube clips as well as your own media files.

How do I embed my YouTube clip?

All you need to do is is include the YouTube URL (get this from the Share button below the video in YouTube) in the content of a page or post and the system will do the rest.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you run into issues with the size of your embedded YouTube item try changing the start of the URL from… to httpv://… (notice the v at the start, it stands for Video), you can also use httpa://… for an audio file.
  • Make sure the YouTube URL you use is nice and simple – you can get a simple URL from the Share button in YouTube. Other URLs can contain details about players and special features.