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Subscribe by Email

What is Subscribe by Email?

Subscribe by Email is a plugin you can enable on your blog to allow your audience to receive email updates as soon as posts are published to your blog.

How do I enable Subscribe by Email?

Firstly you need to enable the Subscribe by Email plugin in your blog. To do this, go to the Plugins section of your Dashboard, find Subscribe by Email and click Activate.

Manually Add users to your subscription list

Subscriptions to your blog can be managed manually

  1. In the left hand menu of your blog’s Dashboard click Subscriptions
  2. Click Add Subscriptions
  • To add a single user’s subscription fill in the email in the Subscribe a single user section. Click Subscribe.
  • To add multiple users in one go, import a Windows-format CSV file with each email on a separate line

Allow users to self-subscribe

To allow users to self-subscribe:

  1. Open the Appearances menu in your blog’s Dashboard
  2. Click Widgets
  3. Click and drag the Subscribe by Email widget to the Left Sidebar of your blog. If you place the widget in the Right Sidebar you may observe some incorrect wrapping of the text
  4. You can alter the text of the Widget to suit the style of your blog in the Widget’s settings

Above: An example of the widget as seen in a sidebar of a blog

Subscribe by Email Settings

There are many additional settings which can be changed to allow the customisation of the Subscribe by Email plugin. These can be found in the Setting page of the Subscribe menu item in the left hand side of the Dashboard.

If you have any problems with this plugin please contact AskOtago (


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