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Module Page


Screenshot of a Module PageA module page is just like a dashboard, widget page or anything else you want to call it. Basically it is a page where you can install various modules which tell you about your course. Modules include:

  • Alerts – Displays notifications of past-due and early-warning items for your paper relevant to the user.
  • My Announcements – Displays announcements relevant to the user for your paper
  • My Blackboard Grades – Displays the user’s grades for your paper
  • My Calendar – Displays calendar events relevant to the user for your paper
  • My Tasks – Displays tasks relevant to the user.
  • Needs Attention – Displays items in all the courses in which the user is enrolled that require attention.
  • To Do – Displays the status (Past Due/Due) of relevant course work and tasks.
  • What’s New – Displays a list of new items in your course

The Homepage in your course is an example of a Module Page – but if you don’t have one it is very easy to setup.


Setting up a Module Page

You can either add a Module Page to a course content area (i.e Course Documents) or add it directly to the course menu.

To start creating a Module Page within a content area, navigate to where you want to add the module page and click the Build Content button and select Module Page.

To start creating a Module Page in the Course Menu click the + symbol in the top left hand corner of the Course Menu and select Create Module Page from the drop down menu.

From here the instructions are the same – give your Module Page a name. Once this is set up you will be able to start adding Course Modules to the page. Click the Add Course Module button and select which modules you would like to add.