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Language Pack


This feature enables staff to set the interface language for their paper to French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese. This means that most of the elements in their paper will be in another language.


Changing your language pack

To change the language pack of your paper:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Customization > Properties
  2. Find section 6. Select Language Pack
  3. Select your language from the drop down menu
  4. If you DON’T want students to be able to over-ride this setting (i.e., change it back to English) tick the “Enforce Language Pack” box
  5. Click Submit

Help! I have changed my language and don’t speak French/ German/ Portuguese/ Spanish/Chinese/Japanese!

If you’ve changed the locale and can’t find your way around to change it back, here are some directions:

Directions Hints
1. Go to the Control Panel Go to the bottom of your course menu – the Control Panel is light blue.
2. Click Customization The 6th section of the control panel
3. Click Properties The third link in the list
4. Find section 6. and select System Default from the drop down menu The first item in the drop-down list
5. Click Submit The button in the bottom right corner of the page