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Course Copy Instructions


Blackboard enables you to copy content between papers that you are an instructor in. This is an alternative to the Export/Import method for transferring content between papers. The copying process is irreversible and should be used with caution.


Steps to complete a course copy

  1. Go to the paper you want to copy content from
  2. In the Paper’s Control Panel under Packages and Utilities choose Course Copy – Note this must be the paper you want to copy the content from
  3. In Section 2 select the paper you want to copy the content to. Click on Browse and enter the paper code of the target paper
  4. Choose which parts of the paper to copy.
    • Some points to note about copying content:
      • When copying content items you will need to also ensure you place a check mark in the Navigation settings selection box. Failure to include the navigation settings will cause the menu item to not appear in the destination paper.
      • Copying Discussion boards, Wikis, Blogs will result in no content being visible to staff and students as content from these items is linked to the source paper and the students enrolled in it.
  5. In Section 3 uncheck ‘Limit package to only files linked into the selected content areas’
  6. Click Submit