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Inline Grading (Box View) Service Status


Use these service updates to check for outages if you find the inline grading service is not working as expected.


Inline Grading Tool Changes

The previous Inline Grading Tool, Crocodocs, was shut down in January 2018 and Blackboard moved to the new Box View.  This change is completely out of our control and affects every institution using Blackboard.

One of the biggest changes going from Crocodocs to Box is the ability for students to upload 100+ file types to submit for assignments, including the ability to upload video. For more information on the changes going from Crocodocs to Box, please see the following blog post.

Current limitations for submitting and viewing assignment in Box View include:

  • Annotations cannot be downloaded and printed by students.
  • Unable to add annotations to Excel spreadsheets.
  • No current functionality to draw or strikethrough.
  • Annotations cannot be edited.